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Melanin Fleece Tights™ - Sheer Black Effect

Sale price$39.00 Regular price$59.95

"Absolutely love them! They are perfect for cold weather and match my skin tone! Thank you so much for making these!" - Tiffany S., USA

Size Guide

All size ranges are approximate and can differ based on body composition.
The tights start small and stretch to fit the wearer similar to pantyhose and stockings.
If 5'7" and above, best to select Tall length for the most comfortable fit
Please note that the footed part of the tights do not have fleece lining to allow for room in your shoes.
Use our brand pictures to gauge sizing.
Material: Polyester 46%, Nylon 39%, Spandex 15%

Melanin Fleece Tights™ - Sheer Black Effect
Melanin Fleece Tights™ - Sheer Black Effect Sale price$39.00 Regular price$59.95

Game changer

Elevate your wardrobe with Melanin Fleece Tights - your ultimate cold weather solution. Experience that sleek sheer tights look while staying cozy and warm in all your beloved skirts and dresses all year round.

Sheer Tights Look

Perfect blend of warmth and style with our sheer tights' illusion, providing a chic and elegant appearance with a seamless combination of fashion and functionality for any occasion. 

Cozy Comfort

Discover the perfect blend of stretch and comfort with our fleece lined tights, your new cozy wardrobe staple.

Shade and Size Inclusive

We prioritize diversity in skin tones and sizes. Now available in Tall and Plus Sizes ensuring everyone finds their perfect fit.

Unlimited Outfits

No more compromising your comfort for style. Embrace versatility with your favorite skirts and dresses every season.